Her Sudden Groom is (temporarily) FREE!!

In case you’ve ever wondered whatever happened to Alex Banks–the overly-scientific and somewhat nerdy cousin of Brooke, Liberty and Madison, yes, yes, the very one who challenged Andrew to a duel, likened Liberty and Paul’s relationship to a pair of mating hedgehogs he’d observed in the pasture, and the fellow whose name led to Benjamin taking up a sudden interest in talking science so his wife would kiss him–now you can find out for FREE!

For a limited time, Her Sudden Groom will be available free at the following eBook retailers:


Barnes & Noble



Her Sudden Groom



The overly scientific, always respectable, and socially awkward Alexander Banks has just been informed his name resides on a betrothal agreement right above the name of the worst chit in all of England. With a loophole that allows him to marry another without consequence before the thirtieth anniversary of his birth, he has only four weeks to find another woman and make her his wife. Being the logical scientist he is, Alex decides to take his friend’s advice and treat his quest for a bride just like a science experiment…

Caroline Sinclair is still trying to scrape her jaw off the floor after hearing her cousin, Lady Olivia’s, latest announcement when the object of their conversation, Alex Banks, Olivia’s intended, arrives for what Caroline assumes is a bout of drawing room chitchat with his betrothed. But when an experiment is mentioned, Caroline, who cannot resist a science experiment any more than she can deny her lungs air, volunteers to help before she even knows what his latest experiment is!

Coming out of hiding–well, only a little!

Wow, it feels like forever since I made a post and looking at the date of the last one, it just might have been forever.

I’m sorry to do that, but here’s what’s been going on:

1. I’ve been spending more time with family.

Last year at this time, I was working 16 hours a day. Six days a week It was brutal. I got up at 5 and went to bed at 11; worked for almost all of those waking hours except when I was eating or showering. I had hired a college student to help with the kids, clean the house, cook, etc. It was too much. It took a lot out of me and all because I didn’t want my name to be forgotten. I wanted to constantly have a new release so I’d be remembered. Frankly, after running myself ragged and realizing how much I was missing out on with my kids, I vowed this year I wouldn’t do that. I made the promise last December that I’d spend more time this year with my kids, husband and friends and I’ve kept it. Does it mean I took a hit in sales? Absolutely. But you know, money comes and goes, your kids only get older. Then they want nothing to do with you. So, this summer, I cut out a lot of extras: blogging, cut down on social media, etc, in order to be a better mom, wife, and friend.

2. Passions of Gentleman is still in the works.

In January when I first put out Secrets of a Viscount, I’d predicted that Desires would be in May and Passions in November. So far, with my more restricted summer schedule, that looks to be about right.

3. Cover changes.

Change is a funny thing. Some love it, others hate it; some embrace it and others tolerate it. I recently have decided to make a change to some of my covers due to a short list of reasons. This decision was not made easily, but if you’re interested in seeing them before I officially reveal them all here…


I think that’s about it. I do plan to get back onto a more routine schedule of blogging again. I thank you all so much for your support and appreciate your patience during my absence!

Come meet me…for a good cause!

As some of you know, every year I try to do a run/walk or a bike ride for a charitable cause: MS, Arthritis, Diabetes, etc.

This year, I’ll be doing two and I’d like to offer the invitation to all of you who live in or can make arrangements to be in the area of either of these to come out, put on a team shirt and join me!

The first is the Oklahoma BIke-MS ride. This happens on Sept. 20th and 21st. We leave from Chandler, OK (halfway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City) and ride in a loop each day. This will be the third year I do this ride and I absolutely LOVE it. There are different loops for different skill levels. In the afternoons there is fun music, vendors, and just a great relaxing atmosphere. If this is up your ally and would like to come out and ride with our team, please contact me and I’d be glad to give you all the information you need. We plan to have an awesome time and would love to have you join us!

If you’re interested or would just like to see what it’s all about, here’s a link to the OK MS-150 website.


My second event this year is a walk for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis AKA Lou Gehrig’s Disease). While I have no personal ties to MS, I do have a tie to ALS. My maternal grandmother (the one who I dedicated my first book to due to her awesome decorating skills) had ALS. She was a Bossier City (Louisiana) resident, so when I saw that there was a Bossier City/Shreveport walk, I knew I had to go! This walk will be on Saturday, Oct. 18 on the Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City, LA.  Again, we’re planning an awesome time–even my mom is getting all excited about this and has suggested hosting a lunch to follow!

If you’re interested and would like more information on joining our team, please feel free to contact me. If you’d like to see what it’s all about, here’s a link.


Another Travel Adventure!

Okay, so I’ll admit I’m behind on my conference/convention travel adventures, and believe me I had just as an eventful trip on the way home FROM RT as I did on the way there. Plus, I had a rather interesting trip to Phoenix a few weeks back. But yesterday I took another adventure and I just have to say, it’s worth sharing!

Most of us have a bucket list, right? Well, if not, go make one! It’ll change how you think about things and when you see an overwhelming list of things you want to do before you cock up your toes, you just might jump out and take a chance when the opportunity presents itself.

One of the things on my bucket list was to ride a train–and I don’t mean the train at the zoo or the “Christmas Train” that many little towns or big cities have. I know, this sounds ridiculous to some, but I don’t live in a huge city. I don’t do subways. I have a car and that’s just how I get around. So when I created my bucket list a few years back, ride a train (a real train with a real destination not just in a loop) was on my list. Therefore, when someone mentioned riding the rails via Amtrak from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth, I suspended the reality that I live in where I need to finish a book and jumped on the idea of a train ride. This family and ours booked our tickets and that was it–everything was planned.

Because the train left so early in the morning compared to just how far away we live, we left for “the City” as we all call it in y part of the state the night before, stayed in a hotel and were ready to go!

We thought by staying in a hotel we’d get to the train station at a good time to get a good seat…uh, not so much. We did manage to find eight seats together, but they were facing backwards which was a trip. Luckily, I didn’t get sick, but poor Bob did. Otherwise, the way down there were no real problems other than a slight 15-minute delay and more “sway” than I thought there’d be. Oh and the first time the train made a connection it made me jump.  But that was okay. On the train there was much to do like playing with all the little levers that adjusted the seats and stare out the window and the few small towns and numerous cows we passed.

In Fort Worth we baked like potatoes as we walked around Sundance Square and choked down a lunch that made my stomach clench at first whiff.

Then came the fun…

Wanting to get seats that faced the correct direction this time, we stood on the platform so we’d be the first people on the train at 4:50. And we were. Then we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Around 5:10 they announced they were waiting for another train to come in who was going to bring us 25 passengers and they were “a few minutes away”. Well, that “few minutes” turned into over an hour and our train that as supposed to leave the station at 5:25 didn’t leave until closer to 6:30.

Oh and did I mention that once you get on the train, you can’t get back off? Furthermore, the only eats on a train are “snack bar” that doesn’t even open until after the train starts rolling. (One more thing on the snack bar, they have quite an extensive menu–not. The only thing we vegetarians could eat was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich–one of those frozen Smuckers varieties at that.) Anyway, because everyone was so hungry right off, the line for the snack bar coiled through the car and up the stairs and in the aisle between other passengers. It was long. So despite my nearly inedible lunch, we stayed seated until it’d been about 1:15 minutes since  the train left and when we made it downstairs, there were only about six people ahead of us. That’s manageable.

Back to the adventure….

Had the delay at the station been the only delay, our arrival time would have been 10:23 (an hour late) and everything would have still been fine. But don’t forget Rose Gordon is involved so something weird has to happen to make for a more interesting journey. Well, it does and doesn’t at the same time. Thankfully nothing too serious happened, however…

Just as we’re chugging out of the station in Gainesville, TX the sky grows…dark. At first a little gray, then a strange greenish color that thankfully changed very quickly. Then the lightning started… And not just a single streak. No it spidered and had branches and stretched across the sky.  A moment later there was an announcement that we’re about to be delayed because A. two freight trains are coming southbound on our track and we need to get out of their way and B. the weather is growing unsafe. Simultaneously, Bob and I reach for our iPads and sure enough there is a huge storm up ahead right in the direction our train is going. Oh, and the National Weather Service has put out a severe thunderstorm warning. Splendid. So for about half and hour we sit at a stand still on a “pull out” to wait for the trains to go by and for the weather to pass. Meanwhile, lightning is just lighting up the sky all around. It’s quite lovely actually, but would be even lovelier if I wasn’t stranded in a train in the middle of nowhere with 100+ strangers. Then we start chugging again only to make another stop mid-track because there’s a flash flood warning in effect for where we’re going.

At this point the “fun” of a train ride was over. The novelty had worn off and I was wondering why on earth I ever wanted to put that on my bucket list! I couldn’t even begin to tell you how long it’d been before we started rolling again. I did notice, however, when we passed through Ardmore that it appeared there really had been quite a storm. It was really dark so I can’t be sure, but it looked like one of the cross bars that comes down when the train passes had been blown off and was lying in the middle of the street. Water was everywhere and limbs were down.

By the time we returned to OKC I exhausted and worn out; it was 11:30, more than two hours past when scheduled.

It was a no-brainer decision to stay another night in a hotel. Little did we know, however, it’d be the most expensive hotel IN the city that we went to. But of course that is my luck. It’s also my luck that the guy behind the counter didn’t tell me the price until after he’d swiped my card at which point my jaw hit the desk, but alas, I was too tired to pick it back up and rattle off a retort and instead just dragged myself up the stairs and down the hall to a modest room that probably didn’t even have as many square feet as what I’d paid to use it.

So I must ask… does anyone want to come traveling with me???

Entire first series on SALE!

For an extremely limited time–like 30 hours only–my boxed set of my entire first series–The Scandalous Sisters Series–is on sale for .99 at the following retailers!

Additionally, there is STILL time to enter my giveaway, and by sharing this sales (via the link provided) you can gain three entries!

I was asked for a more mobile-friendly link to the giveaway entries, so here it is:



Some of us LOVE change and others HATE it, but either way, change is a part of life and I have some changes to announce.

A few weeks back I signed a few contracts and will be having all of my books made into mass market paperbacks which is HUGE for me. They’ll not only be of a smaller size, but they’ll be in a more expanded distribution; and the best part is, I’ll be able to price each copy at a lower price so we all win!

The change that comes with this is in the form of some of my covers. Two series, the Banks Brothers’ Brides and the Fort Gibson Officers series had to have the covers change. The others either had to have minor or no changes. The new covers have already been selected and will be showcased soon. I want to tell you all this as a head’s up, if there are any of the books I’ve mentioned that you absolutely LOVE the current cover of and would like a paperback copy, I’d suggest ordering it in the near future as I can’t guarantee how long it will still be available.

Thank you all so much for your support over the years and sticking with me to experience such awesomeness!

Exciting news for the Groom Series!

1. Her Imperfect Groom is now available as an audiobook!

Imperfect Auido


Amazon.com     Audible.com    iBooks will be coming shortly.



Sir Wallace Benedict has a serious problem: he’s a thrice-jilted baronet who is helplessly in love with a lady he can hardly talk to, let alone offer for…

Edwina Banks also has a serious problem: she’s helplessly in love with Sir Wallace Benedict, who, rumor has it, is still quite taken with the first lady to jilt him. Deciding the only way she is to have a chance at her own happily-ever-after is to help Sir Wallace achieve his, she decides to give Sir Wallace advice on how to woo his lady.

Advice on how to woo the woman of his affection given by the woman of his affection? How can Sir Wallace refuse?


2. Her Sudden Groom is now available in German!

I know you all secretly read German so I wanted to make sure and get this posted so you’d all be able to go indulge yourselves. Honestly, though, this is rather exciting since it’s the first book I’ve had translated.



If you want to check it out, here’s the link for Amazon (the only retailer who carries it).